Payment Made For Premium

Wall Coin Holder Discount Membership Plans.

In order to qualify for this special offer discount you will need to provide your wallet address that your ICO coins was sent to. These coins must still be in your wallet to the full value of the ICO and not spent.

Premium Membership Offer

This offer will give you Premium until the end of May for Free as a Wall Coin Holder, you must still have your wall coins in the same Meta Mask wallet of the ICO and fully intact. If you are accepting this offer and you are a VIP member you will be downgraded to Premium.

VIP Membership Offer

This offer also applies if you are a VIP member however it will not give you one month free it will give you VIP for half price until the end of may.  Please make a payment of $99 to become a VIP member instead of the usual $199. If you are a premium member when you accept this offer you will be upgraded to VIP.



Wall Premium Discount Order Form

Premium Order Form
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